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I betraktarens öga
Lena Mattsson

In the Eye of the Beholder is a documentary video film that examines the rock ‘n’ roll myth. The film visualizes and illuminates the myth of the man and the human being Bo Cavefors; writer, director and last but not least legendary publisher of literary works by Ezra Pound, William S Burroughs, Friedrich Nietzsche, Salvador Dalí and many others. One politically controversial example is the publishing of texts written by the Red Army Faction (RAF), which resulted in litigations and much dislike. The publishing house filed for bankruptcy in 1982. Bo Cavefors tells us personally, in this piece, about his life and way of living. Conny C-A Malmqvist, musician, philosopher and art critic, contributes with newly composed music.

Right now you are probably thinking ‘What has Cavefors got to do with the world of rock ‘n’ roll?’ Many people near and dear to me have been involved in both the rock’n’roll scene and the literary scene, and these two worlds are strongly connected. When I got invited to ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’, at the Borås Museum of Arts, the first person that came to mind and that I could not get out of my head was Bo Cavefors! Bo Cavefors is to me, in spite of his claim of being totally unmusical and belonging to another cultural field, a person who totally rocks!

What is rock ‘n’ roll really, who can be rock ‘n’ roll, and how can the expression be different from those commonly conveyed? Welcome to a film about the man, the myth and the human being Bo Cavefors. ‘Sex, books, drugs and rock’n roll’!

/Lena Mattsson, Moderna Museet Malmö 2014

English title In the Eye of the Beholder
Keywords Documentary, Performance, Body
Aspect ratio 1.33:1 (4:3)
Prod. format Generic SD-video
Duration 00:35:29
Language Swedish
Color Color
Year 2012
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About the artist

Lena Mattsson

Lena Mattsson is a visual artist whose work encompasses a range of media, primarily video, performance art and mixed media installations. She has had numerous exhibitions and screenings in Sweden and internationally, including the solo exhibition In the Eye of the Beholder at Moderna Museet Malmö and the monumental outdoor video installation Perception of Time and Space at the Smögen International Light Art Festival and the solo exhibition A Small Fairytale at Malmö Konsthall. With a background in painting, she frequently alludes to art history in her work, but also to cinema and popular culture. While renowned for her both poetic and materially distinct layering and saturating of light and narrative, she is also recognized for her highlighting and challenging of societal injustices and conflicts, often by way of her own embodied performance. Through the interlacing of highly personal experiences with those of the most deeply afflicted, the works of Lena Mattsson expose the indispensable conjunction of life and art.

From 2006 to 2015, Lena Mattsson has been awarded twice the Five-year working grant from Konstnärsnämnden – The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.