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Another Album
Johanna Billing

Set against the backdrop of singing cicadas and barking dogs, Another Album takes place from dusk-to-dawn on the Krapanj island off the coast of Croatia. The film is a staging of an album recording by a group of students and musicians who appear as part of a regular gathering. They perform songs from the Novi Val (New Wave) music era of the 1970s and 1980s of former Yugoslavia. At first glance, this performance appears as a nostalgic activity but over time, the gathering becomes solemn in tone as liner notes come into view. These writings detail the origins of the songs which the group recite on film. Personal interpretations, trivial discography facts of the various bands, and the players’ vocations converge to reveal the vestiges of a historic musical period. The film relates to a music scene which, due to the outbreak of the Yugoslav Wars and the subsequent dwindling of the pan-Yugoslav market, suddenly ceased and to this day has not yet recovered. Billing’s record of this microcosm captures the aspirations of a generation who turn to music to navigate the social implications of a vibrant network decimated by the advent of war in 1991.

Keywords Performance, Music, Choir
Prod. format
Duration 00:28:00
Language Spanish; Castilian
Color Color
Year 2007
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About the artist

Johanna Billing

Jönköping, Sweden, 1973; lives and works in Stockholm

Johanna Billing has been making video works since 1999 that weave together music, movement and rhythm. Merging the production modes of collective live events and workshops with a cinematic language, the films often focus on aspects of learning and how time plays a key role in that process. Billing in part directs the participants and in part activates a series of improvisations around the notion of performance and the possibility it holds to explore issues of the public and the private as well as the individual in the society as a whole. Billing often addresses political climates and cultural specificities. She transforms through a documentary method, her filmmaking in a fictive space to examine actual and contrived events and how that filmed compression illuminates their overlap. Billing’s videos often feature modified scores and music composed by the artist or in close dialogue with participants, using sound as an essential device for collaboration and communication.