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Mvua Farasi
Crystal Beacon:
Lena Bergendahl & Jennifer Rainsford & Rut Karin Zettergren

Mvua Farasi revolves around a Kenyan race course in the outskirts of Nairobi were time seems to have frozen in the 70’s when the colonial era ended.

The film takes place at the race course during the preparations before a big race and follow a jockey and a groom as they work their horses and remembers the recent floodings caused by El Nino, and how it has affected the horses racing abilities. The last two floodings coincided with the racing season in Nairobi and the people at the stable has had to live with them in the same way as they once had to deal with the aftermaths of the Commonwelth’s rulings. In order to predict future storms and changes, one of the grooms uses his hen and it’s eggs to make pseudo scientific rituals and measurements ­ an attempt to stay in control when forces and conditions in nature and society are not. In the film, different narratives, eras and realities come together as documentary material is mixed with fictive stories.

English title Rain Horse
Keywords Animal
Aspect ratio 1.78:1 (16:9)
Prod. format Generic HD-video
Duration 00:17:58
Language English & Swahili
Color Color
Year 2013
Latest screening Jun 8, 2015
May 2, 2015
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About the artists

Lena Bergendahl

Lena Bergendahl

Lena Bergendahl (b. 1982, SE) is an artist and filmmaker who completed her MFA at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in 2010. She works mainly with short film and video installations that investigate the origin of images and the relationship between humans and technology from geological, historical and scientific perspectives. Fictitious scenarios are mixed with documentary and archival material in installations that combine video, sculpture and sound.

Her works have recently been shown at Galleri Gerlesborg, Gerlesborg, SE (2023), Vermilion Sands, Copenhagen, DK (2022), Galleri Format, Malmö, SE (2021), Celsius Projects, Malmö, SE (2019), Lunds Konsthall, Lund, SE (2018), Swedish Television (2018) and at Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, Netherlands (2017).

Jennifer Rainsford

Jennifer Rainsford

Jennifer Rainsford, born 1982 in Stockholm, is an artist and director based in Stockholm and Paris. With a strong visual ability and willingness to challenge prevailing conventions in documentary film, art and television, she has since 2008 made several short films and documentaries shown at film festivals, art galleries, and on TV. In 2010 Jennifer graduated from the Royal Institute of Fine Arts in Stockholm where she studied Fine Arts and has also studied scriptwriting at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, SADA.

Since 2011 she has worked as a journalist and documentary filmmaker at the cult TV- show Tracks on Arte in Paris. For the show she has directed and produced short documentaries about music, film, art and future technologies in East Africa, United States, Europe and China. She is the founder and member of the art and film production collective Crystal Beacon and her movies has been screened at festivals like Oberhausen, Belinale, Rotterdam and CPH:DOX.

Rut Karin Zettergren

Rut Karin Zettergren

Rut Karin Zettergren born 1984 in Gothenburg is an artist who works with film, video installations and performance. She holds a MFA from Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and has studied art at Makere University in Uganda and ISA in Cuba.

Rut Karin is a member of the artist groups Crystal Beacon, Osäkerhetsprincipen and 0s+1s Collective. Her work focuses on questions about the technological development from feminist and futuristic perspectives, the influence of the Internet on popular cultures and historical events that shaped contemporary culture.

Rut Karin has shown works in institutions as Mänttä Festival, Sinne,Titanic (FI), Barbican Centre, FACT Centre , Arnolfini (UK) Oberhausen Int. Film Festival, Taiwan Int. Video Art Exhibition (TW), Impakt Festival, Rotterdam Int. Film Festival (NL), Havana Biennale (CU), West Space (AU), Göteborgs Konsthall, Tensta Konsthall, Gotlands Konstmuseum and Södertälje Konsthall (SE).