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Skiss till filmen om mig själv
Staffan Lamm

A film about early separation, self-experienced loss and isolation, portrayed through my uncle Göran, who already at the age of seven was diagnosed as mentally ill and sent away. His absence fom my life, my fantasies about our similarities. My father’s disappearance, my absent mother who wholeheartedly worked with others in need. Filmed and finished 1985.

Aspect ratio 1.33:1 (4:3)
Prod. format
Duration 00:11:43
Language Swedish
Year 1985
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About the artist

Staffan Lamm

Staffan Lamm was born in Stockholm. Autodidact with no formal film training. He started out working with Peter Weiss, and has been active as a freelance documentary filmmaker since the early 60’s, mainly for Sveriges Television (SVT). He has also worked as a cinematographer, scriptwriter and director. In 1993 he wrote and directed the feature film Morfars resa (Grandpa’s Journey) starring Max von Sydow. In 1999 he made the shorts Emma, Ruben and Sara that were nominated for Guldbaggen, the Swedish national film award, the same year.