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Once upon a time there was an unfaithful mummy
Joanna Rytel

A mother tells her little daughter a fairytale. ‘Once upon a time there was an unfaithful mummy and she was me …’ But how can a three year old understand what cheating means? This movie is about breaking expectations of how a mother should behave. Rytel is provoked by the limited role given to mothers. She wants to give motherhood a greater scope.

Aspect ratio 16:9
Prod. format Generic HD-video
Duration 00:10:39
Color Color
Year 2014
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About the artist

Joanna Rytel

Born 1974. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Sex, gender, feminism, honour, abortion and racism: Joanna Rytel explores some of the most controversial topics of today. Rytel creates situations of an almost childishly provocative nature: she depicts sex workers at art shows, strips for animals, has birthday parties for aborted foetuses; a distressing method without no safety net.

My work can be divided in three main characters. One is my interest is in the relation between animals and humans. I have made performances for animals and filmed their reactions. In ‘Animal-Performance’ I play music, dance and strip for monkeys, cows, goats and horses. In ‘Then I´ll take your cat’ I masturbate in front of a cat. I both these works am interested in the animals reactions to human behaviors. In ‘They look like this’ I have photographed animals from behind. Animals are being reduced by humans and I want to make the animals into individuals instead of merely objects by showing that they have sexes. Society denies that animals have an identity in order to justify the use of them as objects, food, keep them in zoo, use them for experiment etc. I am interested in the human ethics that denies ethics of animals.

Another character in my work is in human relations and power structures. ‘A Film Inwards’ is about the desire and obsession to gain a persons love. This film project stress the question of power structures in love relationships. ‘To Think Thoughts You Don’t Want To Think’ is a project about unwanted racial thoughts. The story is in told in a dairy format and is about the ambiguity of white women’s racial thoughts and their desire of the black man. Both of these films are extensive projects. I have also made shorter video work and photos about these issues.

The third character of my work is feminism. I have made an action against the Miss Sweden Contest in 2001. Me and my college went up on stage in live television broadcast and unfolded a banderole with a feministic statement. This caused a huge media effect and since then the Miss Sweden Contest has not been shown in swedish live television anymore. I continuously write feminist texts that I read in performances at various events, both inside and outside the art-context. In ‘For Your Eyes Only’ I made an installation which a professional female stripper dancing exclusively for a female audience. Outside the strip-room there was a video with a female stripper speaking about the difference between dancing for a male and a female audience.