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Aliena Kadabra
Åke Karlung

This film was made as part of the exhibition and show Aliena Kadabra. It is made in a mixed technique, typical of Karlung’s way of working. In a dizzying montage of image and sound, Karlung aims his blows at Western civilisation and welfare society. ‘Nordic Film’, the 1983 catalogue of the Museum of Modern Art describes Aliena kadabra in this cryptic fashion: ‘about unfree TechnoPornoSwine in their ancient opposite-the fluctuation between a Narcopathic Sensualism and frustrated Disciplinism’.

English title Aliena Kadabra
Keywords Experimental, Animation
Aspect ratio 1.33:1 (4:3)
Prod. format 16mm
Duration 00:05:00
Language No dialogue
Color Color
Year 1969
Latest screening Jul 29, 2019
Jun 5, 2019
Dec 17, 2014
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About the artist

Åke Karlung

1930-1990. Film-maker and artist. He studied oriental art and philosophy for many years. Karlung is a unique one-man, anti-movement phenomenon in Swedish film. He often avails himself of material generally regarded as the left-over scraps of modern society and manages to produce his films on an almost non-existing budget.