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Elisabeth (installation version 1)
Lars Arrhenius

Elisabeth is a formal facial portrait of a person from newborn baby to the last breath, in steady transformation. This animated short film has a resemblance with the films that focus on a mushroom or a flower that rapidly lives from spout-flower-back to soil in 20 seconds. This one is a bit longer though, but still a human life-span in 4 min is rapidly fast. Music is composed specially to this animation by Oscar Danielsson.

Keywords Animation
Aspect ratio 1,33:1 (4:3)
Prod. format Computer
Duration 00:04:00
Language No dialogue
Color Color
Year 2001
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About the artist

Lars Arrhenius

Born 1966 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Lars Arrhenius is an artist working with narrative images, a sort of storyboards, in which cause and effect in everyday life has a central role. His cartoon style can be sampled, drawn in the traditional manner or computer generated. Lars Arrhenius studied at the Royal Academy in Stockholm and Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. He shows his work regularly in New York, London, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo and Stockholm.