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Elin Magnusson

In a room on the seventh floor in a cold city, two people are waking up. They hug each other hard, still, it’s not enough to be able to forget where one body starts and the other ends. Neither of them has a sex or a face and they both wear more layers of skin than they ought to. Old disappointments and badly healed wounds have turned them into this. The hardened skin makes them ask for help to remember the sensation of heat. With a pair of scissors they ask each other for permission to expose, rip up and get in. This is an inquiry to get rid of what’s been long since dead. It’s surgery. Something forgotten turns into a memory that later transforms into fingers, and finally a hand. Hair begins to smell and the sweat is pouring.

In close-ups about closeness we see the longing for something new. Art meets porn in a ripping horniness without censorship.

Skin is a part of the Dirty Diaries collection.

Keywords Feminism, Sex, Body
Aspect ratio 1.33:1 (4:3)
Prod. format Generic SD-video
Duration 00:14:17
Language No dialogue
Color Color
Year 2009
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