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Anna Ådahl

The video consists of a sequence of images from a location in Sweden, followed by a voice-over telling a story over a black screen. The reason for separating the images from the story is to emphasize the function of remembering. During the story the viewer relates to the previously shown images remembering what she saw and at the same time creating her own images. The dark footage creates an unclear perception of the images. As all information is not given in those filmed sequences partly hidden by the darkness, this also allows the spectator to fill in those “gaps” with his own imagination.

As in most of my 2005 works, the darkness in the videos and images is a reaction to the direct images we are constantly harassed by in today’s society. By using darkness I withhold information that the spectator can create himself. Since all images are subjective, I hope that the darkness can help me and the spectators combine our imaginations/interpretations (subjectivities) and create an imagined “truth”.

The story in the video revolves around seamen who drowned because no one had taught them how to swim. In a way, these seamen became the victims of a system or a political situation. The story, which is a true story, was told to me by my now gone grandmother, when we were sitting in the room where the event itself actually took place. This brings up another issue, which is the fact that we often forget that we live in direct consequence of the past.

Prod. format
Duration 00:07:50
Year 2005
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About the artist

Anna Ådahl

Born in 1973, lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

Anna Ådahl is currently based in Stockholm after been living in France for more than eighteen years. Parallel to her work she has been collaborating with choreographer Fabrice Lambert, filmmaker and artist Keja Ho Kramer. She is presently working on projects which have the notion of the crowd in focus. The crowd as the mass, the people and particularly, as a multitude. Ådahl is a editorial member, since 2012, of OEI (magazine, publishing house and art space).

Recent shows include: Lofoten International Art Festival, Lofoten, Norway, Hordaland Art Centre, Bergen, Norway, Taiga Space, St Petersburg, Russia, Botkyrka Konsthall, Fittja-Stockholm, Sweden, Galerie Roussan, Paris, CCA Derry Londonderry, Northern Ireland among many others.