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The Pool
Sara Jordenö

The Pool has the format of a compilation film and film essay. The film tells the stories about two cases of erasure – the US bombings in Afghanistan and Iraq and the destruction of an outdoor pool in cold-war Moscow, where homosexual women were cruising each other. The pool is now gone and only exists through memory of a woman that once visited it. Similarly, we learn about the bombings in the Middle East through visit at the place of their simulation: a test bombsite in the Californian desert. Constantly shifting between locations and their meditations, the film never visits the ‘real’ place.

Keywords Documentary, Feminism
Aspect ratio 1,78:1
Prod. format Generic film
Duration 00:21:17
Color Color
Year 2004
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About the artist

Sara Jordenö

Sara Jordeno is a Swedish artist and writer working in Sweden and New York. Her projects takes the form of investigations, which over time can produce several works, such as a film, installation, text, artist book, or a discussion. Each of her projects dissects that which makes up a narrative (words, images, sound) and uses narrative surplus (translation mistakes, information trash, myths, and constructed facts) to extract and accentuate other possible meanings and themes surrounding the “main” story.