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Dinter & Dziurlikowska:
Magdalena Ljung (fd Dziurlikowska) & Richard Dinter

The Rules is about all the rules that I have at home. Is the toilet lid supposed to be open or closed? Should you remove your shoes upon entering? What are we going to drink to the dinner? The most natural thing for oneself can be uncomfortable for someone else. Everybody has a concealed set of rules and becomes annoyed when someone violates them. In the film I take the viewer through all the places in my home where a guest can go wrong. At the same time I visit places in my mind from where the rules stem. I tell about the peculiar concepts that are leading me to act in one or another way.

English title The Rules
Aspect ratio 1,33:1 (4:3)
Prod. format Generic SD-video
Duration 00:10:00
Language Swedish
Color Color
Year 2008
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About the artists

Richard Dinter

Richard Dinter

Born in 1964 in Stockhom, Sweden, where he is still based.

Started out as a poet and radioproducer. After some years he got interested in combining the sound and the words with the motion picture and started to work with both shortfilms and more experimental videos. His shortfilm ”My Croatian nose” was shown at festivals such as Indielisboa and Hot Docs to name a few. Some of his artfilms/experimentals, such as ”There are no limits to what I can do”, have been shown at both shortfilm and artfilm festivals both in Sweden and abroad.

“My art is often regarded as deeply personal and flavoured with a subtle sense of humour. I use myself as a creative tool in my productions since I strongly believe that being personal is being universal. Identity, obsession, and memory are some of the subjects I deal with in my art.”

Magdalena Ljung (fd Dziurlikowska)

Magdalena Ljung (fd Dziurlikowska)

Born 1975 in Warszawa. Lives and works in Stockholm.

Magdalena Dziurlikowska is an artist and art critic based in Stockholm. She works primarily with video, photo and text. The core of her works are staged documentaries in which she scrutinises herself, her problems and her artistic work with a mix of black humour and deep seriousness. Magdalena Dziurlikowska writes art criticism for the daily press and for art magazines. She is also a lecturer and guest teacher at art academies.