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Claes Söderquist

Landscape (1985-1987), Labyrinth (2013) and Passages – portrait of a town (2001) together form a trilogy of extensive landscapes of vegetation and architecture in disparate environments. In forty-eight structured, sweeping panoramas of places, streets and buildings in Malmö, the viewer travels from one passage to another, between courtyards, industrial premises, train stations, residential areas and parks, playgrounds, a harbor, a church, a schoolyard. In Passages – portrait of a town, the camera latches on to details as if they were monuments – tile floors, graffiti, exterior corridors, silos, corrugated metal sheeting register time and reveal specific places in the city. Places that are usually filled with life are empty here. Only the soundtrack testifies of the city in motion; cars driving over rainy streets, remote footsteps that come closer and then fade away, dogs barking echoing from walls, whining wind and the general noise of an urban area. Passages – portrait of a city manifests a tenseness between silence and movement, resulting in a contradictory excitement and a ‘moving lifelessness’.

Keywords Experimental, Architecture
Aspect ratio 1.78:1 (16:9)
Prod. format Generic SD-video
Duration 00:37:50
Color Color
Year 2001
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About the artist

Claes Söderquist

Born in 1939. Studied painting at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Works as a curator and film maker. Lives in Stockholm. Chairman of Filmform’s board 1999-2012. Söderquist has curated several comprehensive exhibitions at Moderna Museet in Stockholm: “The Pleasure Dome”, American Experimental Film 1939-1979 (1980 in collaboration with Jonas Mekas), Nordic Film (1983), West German Experimental Film (1985 in collaboration with Birgit Hein) and Swedish Avantgarde Film 1924-1990 (tour in the US in collaboration with Jonas Mekas and Anthology Film Archives in New York).

Söderquist has also exhibited his own films and video works at the Center of Contemporary Art in Kristianstad (2014) and a solo exhibition of his work was presented at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Stockholm 2013). His films have been screened at Avant (Karlstad 2006), Moderna Museet (Stockholm 2012) and Turbidus Film (Stockholm 2014).

To find out more about Söderquist: OEI #69-70: On Film (2015), Magasinet Walden (2012 i valfiskens buk), Passager (catalogue, two volumes, 2013)