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Hello Ingmar
Gunilla Josephson

Hello Ingmar presents itself as autobiography, as documentary, as true/not true, but in its deliberate confusions of fiction and fact, calling into question our definitions of both those properties by distorting the narrative, the film becomes a ‘meta-biography’. Humorous, outrageous, factual, or a complete lie, the film is a perceptual recounting of experience, in which history is the result not of facts, but of perceptions.

In Hello Ingmar Josephson flees through the angst-ridden, bourgeois-humanist and theatrical world of Ingmar’s imagery, a world where cock, cunt and hell are arranged in mono-syllabic and insistent equivalence.

Keywords Documentary
Aspect ratio 1.33:1 (4:3)
Prod. format Other
Duration 00:07:10
Language English & Swedish
Color Color
Year 2001
Latest screening Sep 14, 2008
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About the artist

Born in 1947 in Sweden. Lives and works in Toronto, Canada and in Montmartin Sur Mer, France.

Gunilla Josephson is an artist working exclusively in the video medium, with a BA in Social Sciences from Stockholm University and an MFA (1986) from The College of Art and Design (Konstfackskolan) in Stockholm. She exhibits extensively in Canada and in Europe.

“I work in a way that exploits unbridled emotions, with the aim to challenge the accepted conventions of art as an entertainment that is well behaved. From the actions of the characters [or performers] to my own use of the video camera and later in the editing process. I aim to disrupt norms, constructing resistances to, or commenting on the tyranny of orthodoxy. I am interested in the transgressive, de-idolized female [image] – sometimes a self proclaimed hero stepping out of history, or filling and emptying a room with furniture like a triumphant female anti-Sisyphus, or as a misbehaving twin in the cow merde close ups, always using the camera as an insisting prying tool, a decoder and an instrument of desire.”