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Peel me a grape
Virgil Dejarv

About the artist

Born in 1962 in Helsingborg, Sweden. He now lives and works in Gothenburg.

Anders Virgil Dejarv received his artistic training at Konsthögskolan Valand between 1987 and 1992, and later in 1996 and 1997 at Konsthögskolan Forum in Malmö, Sweden. He has exhibited widely in Sweden and has also participated in many group shows. He has also exhibited in a number of film festivals where he has shown his videos and done numerous projects with Kill Time Easy Space, collaboration with D Krantz, and since 2001 he has a program together with Björn Hellström (CMYK TV) in the Open Channel in Gothenburg. Dejarv does not only work with paintings. To many people, he is just as well-known for his video works. His video Peel me a grape (1988) is regarded as an early video classic. Dejarv himself plays the main character’s transvestite and the video received great attention when it was first released.

He often works with video and painting in parallel. Using the differences in tempo – a video is fast and painting is slow – he combines different viewpoints into sequences and a new way of seeing the pictures emerge.