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Mitt namn är...
Daryoush Tahmasebi

The idea comes from an Iranian poet Sa’di (1184 – 1283) who wrote: ‘The whole mankind is parts of one body. When we get hurt in some part, then we feel hurt in the whole body… Try to love the unloved ones, because the loved ones are loved anyway.’

In my interpretation, everybody regardless good or bad ones, are coming from same parents (Adam and Eve). A metaphoric hypothesis which relates us in one only family. Hitler, Madonna, Elvis, Usama bin laden, Elisabeth Taylor, Lars-Åke, Hassan, Miriam, Marie Curie… must be considerd as one same whole family. We must take care of each other and give as much love as possible to disable ourselves to hate.

We are not evil at the time of birth, but we can be earlier if we do not get attention and love. During 58 seconds, a guy and a girl (naked bodies and high key lighted against a white background present themselves with well-known and unknown, negative and positive names. After a short pause the guy says: ‘I am Adam, Eve’s husband, we live in the Garden of Eden…’ The girl continues with: ‘Can you see who we are? Mom and dad… be sure to take care of each other. Because despite all, we are a family’.

Aspect ratio 1.33:1 (4:3)
Prod. format DVCam
Duration 00:00:58
Language Swedish
Color Color
Year 2005
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About the artist

Daryoush Tahmasebi

Born in 1958 in Tehran, Iran. Based in Luleå, Sweden.

Daryoush Tahmasebi is a Photographer & Graphic Designer. He has been a photographer at the Norrbottens museum since 1995. His education includes Fotograflinje, Bergnäset, Luleå and Konstfack, Academy of Arts in Stockholm, and he has also worked teaching photography. Currently, he works worldwide with architectural photography, some of which can be seen at