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All is one
Petra Lindholm

The Installation All is One consists of two projections side by side. The videos are identical in many parts although reversed. The birds have forgotten the route down south when the autumn arrives; a golden vessel helps them to get to an island where many dimensions exist simultaneously. The work can be seen as an inner journey but at the same time as an outer cosmic concert.The images are filled with symbols and the narrative is open in its structure and flows trough fairytale like tableau’s, the perspective changes, images from outer space get mixed in with nature, water lily ponds, birds and ghosts. This is a video where the non-physical world is as important as the world we live in every day. I have strived for a freedom, a wish for the images and the music to be the guide. This is more a video for the mind than for the intellect. 

English title All is one
Keywords Installation
Aspect ratio 1,78:1 (4:3 Letterbox)
Prod. format Generic HD-video
Duration 00:14:12
Language English & No dialogue
Color Color
Year 2006
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About the artist

Petra Lindholm

Born 1973 in Karis, Finland. Lives and works in Malmö, Sweden. Petra Lindholm works mainly with video. Petra Lindholm works mainly with video. Her films do not have a specific narrative structure. They are focused on nuances and changes in colour and image; which creates a tense atmosphere rather than a clear-cut story. Lindholm often depicts situations that are easily recognizable or phenomena in the environment, where the real and ordinary things seem unreal. She often composes the music for the films and sings herself.