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Cecilia Lundqvist

Emblem is an animated video that consists of one scenario, containing several short clips. Colourful animations illustrate the rather spartan and monotonous actions between the main characters and a couple of objects. A woman dressed in a bathing costume and white socks perform certain gymnastic movements, observed by a man dressed in a suit. The woman has several bruises, more or less visible on her body.

These pictures are accompanied by a soundtrack containing a dialogue between a man and a woman. The monotonous and the repetations are recognised as well in the pictures as in the sound, and give a sense of being trapped in a treadmill. It is also in the soundtrack that the narrative is the strongest, and where an ongoing struggle of power is visualized.

The viewer gets a premonition of violent acts within the safe walls of home, but if the damage is self-inflicted or not is obviously a question of interpretation, as no actual violence is being shown. Simply put – you choose to see what you want to see.

The main intention with this video is to visualize an endless struggle of power, that has become a part of the normal day routine, in this case between a man and a woman.

Keywords Animation, Feminism
Aspect ratio 1.33:1 (4:3)
Prod. format Generic film
Duration 00:02:27
Language English
Color Color
Year 2001
In text Cecilia Lundqvist
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About the artist

Cecilia Lundqvist

Born 1971 in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Currently living and working in Stockholm.

Cecilia Lundqvist started out with painting, but now works foremost with video and animation. She manages to treat difficult subjects, often from a personal, feminist perspective with a sharp sense of humour. Her artistic expression stretches from the play with simplified, raw lines, in Disco for instance from 1997, to the use of the animation media in a more sophisticated way, as in Emblem from 2001. Cecilia’s video works are shown frequently worldwide and has received recognition in the art and film world alike. Her work is generally narrative and deal with issues like domestic violence, power structures and human behaviour.

She is represented with video works at several art institutions, among them Moderna Museet in Stockholm and Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. Educated at Royal Collage of Art, Video Department and University Collage of Arts, Crafts & Design, Art Department, Stockholm, Sweden. In 2004, Cecilia Lundqvist received Filmform’s Honorary Award because of the focused way she has developed her artistry over the years.