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Mariken Kramer

When a person is being carried, whether during a rescue, in play or in a ritual, a feeling of kinship and closeness evolves amongst those who are carrying. The person being carried has only to trust that she is in good hands. The idea to Trust is inspired by a scene in ‘Deliverance’ by John Boorman, 1972.

Aspect ratio 1.33:1 (4:3)
Prod. format Generic SD-video
Duration 00:02:25
Language No dialogue
Color Color
Year 2005
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About the artist

Mariken Kramer

Born in 1972. Based in Oslo, Norway.

Mariken Kramer graduated from Trondheim Academy of Fine Art in 2001. Her projects are largely based on an interest in underlying mechanisms of interpersonal encounters and relationships, as well as the vulnerability of the individual within the social group. She is concerned with psychological and social aspects of that which constitute the individual, as well as how we as individuals perceive and (re)present our identities in relation to the collective that we are part of (or excluded from). Kramers works, whether it is photo, sound pieces or video, are linked thematically and take on social or personal issues related to that of being human among other humans.