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Maria Friberg & Monika Larsen Dennis

Bodies sway, black silhouettes against a white background, blurred movements in dreamlike slow-motion. In their collaborative piece, Driven, Monika Larsen Dennis and Maria Friberg act out a brutal push-and-pull choreography, a dance macabre of equal amounts desire and violence. But despite its directness, the work carefully balances between polarities, visualizing a state of ambiguity in-between reciprocity and repulsion. The two protagonists are carefully cropped at the neck and at the thighs, their elegant two-piece suits effectively concealing all apparent gender attributes, leaving the viewer in an uneasy state, a limbo between knowing, feeling, and guessing.

Keywords Dance , LGBTQ, Feminism
Aspect ratio 4:3
Prod. format Generic SD-video
Duration 00:04:15
Color Color
Year 1998
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About the artists

Maria Friberg

Maria Friberg

Most of my work revolves about themes of power, masculinity and man’s relationship to nature. In my images, I create ambiguous tableaus that challenge preconceived notions about identity, gender and social hierarchies. My most recent pieces look both outwards, to the challenges in contemporary society, and inwards, to a meditative state of mind. In these photographs and videos, the isolation and solitude of the individuals reflect issues in society at large. The men in my images are signs for men, trying to find their place in times of turmoil.

Monika Larsen Dennis

Monika Larsen Dennis

Born 1963. She lives in the Turning torso building in Malmö, Sweden and is currently a project manager at the Swedish National Public Art Council.