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20 Minutes (Female Fist)
Kajsa Dahlberg

The video is an interview with a member of a lesbian activist group. The interview revolves around the need for the group to create separatist rooms. These rooms doesn’t open up to the surrounding world in search for dialogue, but tries to define itself from within. One example of this is a separatist porn film project made on the premises that it cannot be shown to any men. You can’t buy the film and the only way to see it is if someone gives it to you in a kind of relay system based on trust. In a fundamental way the project deal with the power structures in pornography by redefining the relationship between sexes, and by making the idea of sexuality as a commodity impossible.

On several levels 20 Minutes (Female Fist) investigates the borders of ‘the public’. Besides a long silent scene from a public place it’s shot with the lens cap left on the camera, were the critique of representation itself becomes extended to also include the spectator.

English title 20 Minutes (Female Fist)
Keywords LGBTQ, Feminism
Aspect ratio 4:3
Prod. format Generic SD-video
Duration 00:20:00
Color Color
Year 2005
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About the artist

Kajsa Dahlberg

I graduated from Malmö Art Academy in 2003. In my artistic practice I work with video, text and sound. I often use documentary material as a point of departure for investigations of a specific subject and it’s relation to the medium which is being used. I am interested in how stories are constructed and mediated in relation to questions of censorship, political representation and identity. I have worked with representation of lesbian activism and of mediation of national identity in a Swedish-American area in Chicago.

As part of my artistic practice I have also been involved in starting a production unity for artists working with moving images. The production unit is a network and a forum for artists working with probe reporting, critique of the media and narrative experiments. We are interested in discussions about the systems of production and distribution of images and we arrange seminars, lectures and symposiums which artists, filmmakers and theorists are invited to.