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Vardagssekvenser – Lena
Ann Rosén

Ordinary day-sequences is a series of videos where Ann Rosén asked people to let her record an everyday sequence of their own choice from their life. One minute each. Rosén gave the sequences to eight different composers. All the composers are connected to EMS-studio.

Gunnel 1:42 min, Britta 1:16 min, Helen 1:15 min, Lisbeth 1:10 min, Axel 1:19 min, Camilla 1:19 min, Lättman 1:20 min, Lena 1:35 min 

Prod. format Generic SD-video
Duration 00:01:35
Color Color
Year 1997
Latest screening May 22, 2019
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About the artist

Ann Rosén

Born in 1956, lives and works in Borryby, Sweden.

Ann Rosén is a sound, video and performance artist. Her work can take the shape of video, sound art, electro acoustic music, sound and video installations etc. In the early 1990s she investigated various forms of human interaction, her work focussed on creating situations where people could meet under different forms. As computer technology became more accessible Ann Rosén started to combine social interaction with digital art forms. Many of her ideas require a large number of people from different backgrounds. This has led to that she has initiated and coordinated a number of interdisciplinary projects. The Video work ‘Vardagssekvenser’ (Lena, Lisbeth, Axel, Camilla, etc) is an example that emerged from a one of these projects.

In 2000 Ann Rosén started to include scientists and researchers from different fields in her projects. The focus in these projects is to use art as a driving force for the research but still have a collaboration based on equal terms. Silent Sound Sculpture ( ) where silent zones where created and sculpted in an noisy environment is an example of this kind of project. To address the problems encountered in these projects and create a platform for interdisciplinary collaborations Ann Rosén initiated ADRA- Art Driven Research Association in 2004. In parallel with her project work she has continued to produce solo-exhibitions sound-art, music, video and performances.