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Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughter

Brott is based on a true story, an actual cops-and-robbers incident. A tramp steals a bag of chips, runs off into the tube and is shot dead by the police in their pursuit. It is a kind of news item that briefly hits the morning papers – where the authorities regret the incident. Regret the fact that because of a misunderstanding the man has become a victim of the enequal struggle against crime in the big city by the underpaid, overworked police force. Using this anonymous and shocking event, Antonie Frank has made a very short film of an individual caught up in the throes of fate.

The video was shot in black and white and is shown in short, flowing sequences. The story itself is not actually told, only suggested by using close-ups and standard, symbolic images. Faces of indignant women, a man with flying coattails running down some stairs, a pigeon flapping its wings at take off, a clock ticking against time, a tube (just missed), pulling out, the death spasms, of the man who falls, a bag of chips rolling away. The coarse-grained black and white images refer to 16 mm films; it seems as though we are dealing here with historical film material (Hitchcock, suspense films).

This, in combination with the monumental composition and the abstract imagery, gives the video a sense of timelessness. A social indictment becomes an ode on human dignity. Antonie Frank teaches film at the film academy in Stockholm and is a Board member for SKFF (Swedish Women’s Film Association), a forum for women who work with art in the framework of new media.

English title Crime
Aspect ratio 1.33:1 (4:3)
Prod. format Generic SD-video
Duration 00:04:00
Color BW
Year 2001
In text Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughter
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About the artist

Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughter

Born in 1955 in Toronto, Canada. Living and working in Stockholm, Sweden.

Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughters’ education includes The Royal College of Arts in Stockholm, Jan Van Eyck Akademie Film and video department Maastricht, the Netherlands, PAB Photographic Artist´s Book program, Royal Institute of Art, Performativ Kritik, Royal Institute of Art. Graduated with an MFA from College for Art, Craft, and Design in Stockholm. She works as a film and video artist, curator and writes film critique. She is a founder of the Native Moving Images contemporary film/Video, Stockholm 2012.

Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughter has been selected for EWVA – European Women Video Artists. The selection includes artworks by some of the most influential European women artists who were video pioneers in the 1970s and 1980s.

As a video artist Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughter creates experimental video art, installations, and performances. In 1996, she received one of Filmforms honorary fellowships for her work with the digital moving image. She continues to work with the moving image, mainly working on experimental documentaries. Her work has been screened at international film-festivals in Sweden and around the world including Gothenburg film festival, Sweden, Montreal Exhibitions and Activities; Video et art electronic, Canada, Living Art Museum Reyjkavik, Island, Wide World Video festival The Netherlands, The Modern Museum Stockholm, Sweden, Videó Art E´lectronic, Montreal Canada, Galleri Time Based Art, Amsterdam, 2016 EWVA European Woman Video Artist, BNL Media Art Festival, Roma 2016 DJCAD Centrespace, University of Dundee / England, 2016 KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stories of the Anthropocene Stockholm 2017, Japan, Sapporo International Conference on Policy towards indigenous peoples lesson, among others.

Represented fin Art Tape # 3 Community Artcentres Holland Delft Leiden Amsterdam, Deventer, 1995 ”NIKE” Swedish Television. Sweden, Represented at the Modern Art Museum Stockholm

She has made several video installations and experiments during an intensive period of exploration of the moving digital image during the time at the Jan Van Eyck Academie a research platform. Her interest in current affairs, in combination with the moving image, is a significant theme in her work. She has continued to work with experimental digital moving image and has made over 40 works and installations.

In 1986, she started to teach moving image( Video Art) at the College for Art, Craft and Design Stockholm in Stockholm, where she worked with video art and technology with students for some years. These were the first training courses in video and digital technology in Sweden.

She developed a KU-research in video streaming with the project titled ‘Survival’ at The Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm and training courses in animation. Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughter has been at the board of Video Now, Filmform, Crac ( Creative room for Art and Computing.) and at Fylkingen – Ny musik och intermedia in Stockholm.

For several years she worked with the “Tiger” choreographer Anne Külper and Ingrid Olterman with various video works and installations. She filmed Virpii Pakkinen and Jukka Korpi’s first piece Altar1987.