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The aim of this project is to bring out a unique collection of works by Swedish pioneers in experimental film and video art, both classics and unexplored material. The intention is to render possible contemporary reflection and to spread knowledge, in Sweden and internationally, and to make use of the latest technology to achieve this end.

Filmform and its archive are a unique foundation of information and a source of inspiration for curators, researchers, students, artists and filmmakers. There has been an increasing demand the last few years, both in Sweden, and internationally. The growing interest in the moving image within contemporary art has given topical interest to historical works of art. It is, therefore, relevant and of great immediate interest to bring forward a number of films and video works, and to re-establish the historical connection.

The strength of the Filmform archive is that it covers both earlier material and has a contemporary, forever growing, collection. Today there are not, however, enough intact screening copies for distribution. Through inventory, restoration, new film prints, high quality scanning and the release of classics on DVD the history of Swedish experimental film will be brought into the light. This has to be done now, before the original material is destroyed. Filmform wants to respond to the great interest shown, in Sweden and internationally, by diffusing knowledge and extending the availability of this unique material.

Facts about films and video works made accessible through this project will be added to the online database.

The project FILM RE:FORM is financed with support from The Foundation for the Culture of the Future in collaboration with The Swedish National Archive of Recorded Sound and Moving Images and The Swedish Film Institute.