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Center of Gravity: Gunvor Nelson & Dorothy Wiley 1967–1973

Moon's Pool, Gunvor Nelson

Center of Gravity: Gunvor Nelson & Dorothy Wiley, program 2 – Short Films 1967–1973. Nov 16 – 19h SF.

Gunvor Nelson/Dorothy Wiley: As friends living in Marin County, Gunvor Nelson and Dorothy Wiley began making films together in the 1960s that foregrounded their personal experiences while examining issues of family, parenthood, partnership and domestic life in the In the context of artist filmmaking in Northern California. Featuring original soundtracks, their collaborative and solo films explore the poetics of everyday life, from portraits of motherhood to close studies of various bodies. Nelson, who is now based in Sweden, and Wiley were among the earliest members of the cooperative Canyon Cinema. An influential force, Gunvor Nelson taught at SFAI from 1970 to 1992.  (Tanya Zimbardo)

Tonight’s screening to include:

Gunvor Nelson: My Name is Oona (1969)
Dorothy Wiley: Letters (1972)
Dorothy Wiley: Miss Jesus Fries On Grill (1973)
Dorothy Wiley: Weeny Worm or the Fat Innkeeper (1972)
Gunvor Nelson: Moon’s Pool (1973)
Gunvor Nelson & Dorothy Wiley: Fog Pumas (1967)

This is the second screening in the two-part series Center of Gravity: Gunvor Nelson & Dorothy Wiley. Their 70-minute collaborative film Five Arists: BillBobBillBillBob screens at the San Francisco Art Institute on Tuesday, October 17


Read more about the program here!


The films by Gunvor Nelson are possible to rent from Filmform for public screenings