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Cecilia Parsberg

Cecilia Parsberg, PhD in Fine Arts in Visual Arts, Lund University and Umeå University. Lives in Stockholm. From 1:st of February, 2018, she is appointed Senior lecturer in Visual Arts with emphasis on Visual Arts Education at the Department of Artistic Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Karlstad University.

Her work is contextually situated, relational, performative, politically informed, and articulate an artistic view on challenges that are also existential, political and aesthetic. A form of participatory performance is involved in the production process one way or another – and aims to generate images to be presented to an audience. Her projects are for the most part clearly situated in time and space and developed in relation to the public debate, her investigations have also demanded a public space for the presentations. Parsberg present most of her works as exhibitions in public art spaces, often including a panel debate with local politicians and activists. She arranges street-screenings and improvise workshops. She works with blogs, social media, radio, sometimes TV, she writes articles in newspapers and publish in magazines.


De levnadshungriga

Cecilia Parsberg

1994, 00:09:00

Sometimes, things you don’t say are a part of a lie.

Cecilia Parsberg

1999, 00:43:50

ICE, a tale

Cecilia Parsberg

2002, 00:16:45


Cecilia Parsberg

1998, 00:05:24

Tendres Adolescents

Cecilia Parsberg

1990, 00:04:10

The World's Smallest Bible Thrown in the Biggest Man-Made Hole

Cecilia Parsberg

2000, 00:04:33

A wall is a wall is a wall is a wall

Cecilia Parsberg

2004, 00:03:20