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Maria Magnusson

Maria Magnusson is a Gothenburg (Sweden) based artist/experimental filmmaker whose work explores the relation between sound and the moving picture in experimental videos and short film. Magnusson completed a Master’s degree in Photography and a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and Theory at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. She works with found footage, archival material, and combines analogue and digital filmic methods, examine subjects like memory, dreams, the unconscious, identity and subcultures.

Maria’s experimental films have screened at festivals, galleries and micro-cinemas including International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, LA FilmForum, Echo Park Film Center,The Alchemy Film Festival, Antimatter Film Festival, the Images Festival, Experiment in Cinema. She has recently done a Super 8 film commissioned by EPFC – ”Patterns of Light and Shadows” screened at Acid-Free Los Angeles Art Book Market at Blum & Poe Gallery, Group Show – Echo Park Film Center Extravaganza.


I Remember My Dreams by the Colour They Are...

Maria Magnusson

2011, 00:04:21

Sunspots and Solar Flare

Maria Magnusson

2013, 00:02:33

Take It Apart and Put Together Again

Maria Magnusson

2014, 00:15:45

The Adobe House

Maria Magnusson

2019, 00:06:22

The Woman's Building

Maria Magnusson

-0001, 00:04:30


Maria Magnusson

2017, 00:04:32