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Kristina Frank

Kristina was born in 1967 and grew up in Gullsjö outside of Umeå. Today she lives partly on Gotland and in Stockholm. She has studied video at the Royal Academy of Arts and has a master’s in Production Design at SADA, Stockholm.
In her animation she uses space, objects and people to create life and atmosphere. She likes to invite the audience by opening up for an interactive meeting. Building models and creating worlds is a cornerstone of her practice, and she preferably uses traditional materials such as paper and cardboard, that she finds in the recycling. At the Royal School of Art she came into contact with Photo-Trigonometry, a method of photographing objects from multiple angles and then creating a digital 3D object. From never being interested in 3D animation, she changes her mind. Together with 3D animation she sees the opportunity in using VR and add an extra dimension to her objects and space.


We are all atoms

Kristina Frank

2018, 00:08:45

2Rabbits in Purgatorio

Kristina Frank

2020, 00:05:16