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Maja Ray Borg

Born 1982 in Norrköping, Sweden. Works internationally and is based both in Sweden and the UK. Visual Artist and Film Director, additionally working as Director of Photography, Dramaturg and Creative Editor.

”The work of Maja Borg exists at the intersection of documentary, fiction and experimental film fusing the languages of these genres into a compelling, visually rich and politically astute body of work. Borg’s films are as likely to be seen in film festivals or television as they are in the visual arts context. The artist uniquely succeeds in defying genre expectations and their language seamlessly combines elements of animation, experimental camera and sound techniques with tools of documentary filmmaking. Their films have tackled subjects ranging from investigations of myths and traditions, borders of desire and violence and, most recently, urgent contemporary issues such as the crisis of capitalism and the global environmental and economic downturn, investigating what options one has in such a dystopian landscape.”

/Lina Dzuverovic, co-founder and Director of Electra – contemporary art agency, London


Ottica Zero

Maja Ray Borg

2007, 00:13:00

We the Others

Maja Ray Borg

2016, 00:08:08


Maja Ray Borg

2016, 00:12:25