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Jane Jin Kaisen

Born in 1980 in Jeju Island, South Korea and adopted to Denmark in 1980. She is based in Berlin and Copenhagen.

Jane Jin Kaisen is a visual artist and activist working interdisciplinary with video, text, performance, and photography. In an attempt to deconstruct narration and reading / representation, she uses reversed strategies, and multi-layered approaches in her use of language and medium. She is part of Chamber of Public Secrets, a mobile art apparatus, producing video documentaries and broadcasting for TV-TV and organizing ‘Made In Video’ International Festival of Video Journalism, Denmark. She was co-curator of ‘International Adoptee Gathering Exhibition’ in Seoul 2004, co-founder of UFOlab (Unidentified Foreign Object Laboratory), an artist/ activist group in Scandinavia working in post colonial and feminist discourse and for International Adoptees’ rights through seminars, exhibitions, city interventions, and writing (Gallery Q, Gallery Pixel, YNKB, DK).

The exhibition collective ‘Orientity Exhibition’ of Diaspora Korean Artists, Kyoto Art Center (Japan) 2004, Hong Kong Fringe Club (HK) 2005, Orientity Europe, Grenoble (FR) 2006, exhibit and lecture together on trans experience. Represented in OKAYbook, Overseas Koran Artist Yearbook, Vol. 4, 2004, ‘Fra Det Fjerne Øst til Det Hvide Nord’, 2006, exhibited with AREUM Art Network’s exhibitions ‘Neo Vessel’ at Kyoto Museum of Art (Japan) 2004 & Hongik University (South Korea) 2005.

Jane has performed at festivals and done street performances in Denmark, South Korea, Indonesia, China, and Hong Kong. She has given a number of talks, lectures and writings on Trans Identity and Body & Art as Activism (i.e. Sanata Dharma University, Indonesia, Women in the Arts, Singapore, and Open Dialogue Center, Malaysia, Videotage, HK).


Dissimilate and Transgress

Jane Jin Kaisen

2005, 00:03:50