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Paula Urbano

Paula Urbano born 1980. Lives and works in Stockholm. Urbano observes with an intersubjective perspective in her investigative narrative work about contemporary or fictive persons or places. With an interest in postcolonial theory and philosophy her art concerns themes as identity in relation to migration and location.

Starting from a subjective perspective Urbano uses photography, video and installation to delineate a state of mind in times when the sole existence carries a political message.

Urbano leaves her interrogative in the piece for the world to ponder over the eventual discrepancy between perception and representation for the individual not only in relation to the collective but also to memory, a location or to “the other”.


Her Life

Paula Urbano

2008, 00:11:55

Det är vi

Paula Urbano

2013, 00:04:05

Här och där

Paula Urbano

2010, 00:17:48

Livet som lögn

Paula Urbano

2011, 00:09:30

Flyktingen av den sorgliga skepnaden

Paula Urbano

2015, 00:43:52

I flyktens väntrum

Paula Urbano

2014, 00:08:52