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Kajsa Dahlberg

Born in 1973 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Kajsa Dahlberg graduated from Malmö Art Academy in 2003. In her artistic practice she works with video, text and sound, and often use documentary material as a point of departure for investigations of a specific subject and it’s relation to the medium which is being used. Dahlberg is interested in how stories are constructed and mediated in relation to questions of censorship, political representation and identity. She has worked with representation of lesbian activism and of mediation of national identity in a Swedish-American area in Chicago.

As part of her artistic practice she has also been involved in starting a production unity for artists working with moving images. It is a network and a forum for artists working with probe reporting, critique of the media and narrative experiments. They are interested in discussions about the systems of production and distribution of images and arrange seminars, lectures and symposiums that artists, filmmakers and theorists are invited to. Since September 2016 she is working on a practice based PhD at The Royal Institute of Art (KKH) in Stockholm.



Kajsa Dahlberg

2003, 00:13:00

20 Minutes (Female Fist)

Kajsa Dahlberg

2005, 00:20:00


Kajsa Dahlberg

2002, 00:03:00