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Daniel Jewesbury

Daniel Jewesbury (b. London 1972) studied Fine Art in Dublin, and then lived in Belfast for over 20 years. He moved to Gothenburg in 2017.

Daniel uses film to find ways of re-imagining our relationship to the world around us. One recurring theme is the death of the city as an ideal: a space in which we could come together to build community and collectivity. As our cities have increasingly become just instruments for producing private profit, we have been driven further from the processes which shape them, and which shape us.

Daniel works with both 16mm and digital video, and is curious about the particular materiality that results from working between analogue and digital.

Daniel also works in other media. His long-term project Looking at the Woman in a Bomb Blast reinterprets the history of sexualised violence in Western art. It encompasses a series of performances, a forthcoming artist’s book and, in the early stages of development, an opera.



Daniel Jewesbury

2019, 00:24:42

After Thought

Daniel Jewesbury

2023, 00:09:31

Landskap med kvinna och monument

Daniel Jewesbury

2023, 00:29:53