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Åsa Maria Bengtsson

Born in 1956 in Östersund, Sweden. Lives and works in Malmö, Sweden.

Åsa Maria Bengtsson is a visual artist who mainly works with video/film, video-installations, sound, photography, sculpture. From 1996 to 2006 she recieved a yearly working-grant from Konstnärsnämnden in Sweden. 2006 the short film FLOW, that she made together with Ewa Cederstam, had its premiere at Gothenburgs Filmfestival and has since then been shown at several festivals in Sweden and abroad. The same year she also made the trailerfilm for BUFF (children and youth Film Festival) in Malmö. Besides her own art she has been working with: set-design for theatre and film, freelancing as a grafic designer and illustator. Together with Lisa Strömbeck and Marit Lindberg she produced SHOOT [moving images by artists], a film and video festival in Malmö. Some of her latest group exhibitions/videoshows include the Lightfestival in Vilnius, Lithuania, a symposium in Kairouan, Tunisia and a workshop in Transylvania, Romania. She has also made Public artwork in Borgå, Finland.


Double Room

Åsa Maria Bengtsson

2000, 00:03:40

Tidsrymden alldeles innan

Åsa Maria Bengtsson

1999, 00:04:50


Åsa Maria Bengtsson

1999, 00:02:38

Av en händelse i ett kök

Åsa Maria Bengtsson

1999, 00:05:00

Som att vänta på nu

Åsa Maria Bengtsson

1999, 00:06:15