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Charlotte Åberg

Charlotte Åberg

Charlotte Åberg is a video artist educated at the art academy in Umeå, Sweden 1990-1995. The images in Charlotte Åberg’s films are inspired by commercials from tv-shop, fashion magazines and Hollywood productions. Charlotte Åberg is interested in how media and junk culture influence a greater and greater part of society, and how their ideals affect the individual. The representation of romanticized love is a constantly recurring thread in the video works. Clichés and beauty adoration in a narcissistic culture are reflected in several video performances.

Recently, Charlotte Åberg has been working with social structure and hierarchy in schools and places of work. The latest project, a co-operation with Lott Alfreds called The ‘Dream Garden’, has been an examination of the employees’ dreams at an eldercare. During the years 2003-2006, Charlotte Åberg has worked in a broader field of art, with the projects vårbygå and SkiSS. She has also had an exhibition at Polyphonix, Videoprogram, Centre Georges Pompidou, in Paris, October 2002. In 1999 she was an holder of the IASPIS-scholarship in Stockholm.


This time it looks like love is here to stay

Charlotte Åberg

2000, 00:02:45

Vacuum Clean Love

Charlotte Åberg

1995, 00:01:48

My love has got a gun

Charlotte Åberg

1998, 00:02:02